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13 Reasons Why You Should Run a Virtual Race

Have you ever heard of the term virtual running?

Also known as a virtual race or virtual marathon,  this is the kind of race where you can walk or run on any location. Before the quarantine, anyone can just jog on the road or take a brisk walk in the park, or you can even spend some time on the treadmill in your local gym.

But times have changed. The global circumstances have prevented everyone from going outside and taking those long walks and runs. With more and more people joining the virtual races, don’t you think it’s time that you also look into it? Here are 13 hot reasons why you should sign up to virtual running –

#1: The Chance to Overcome Yourself

Once you decide to walk or run a virtual race, you inevitably commit your effort and time to your new goal. Running a pre-determined distance minus what used to be hundreds or thousands of participants may not be as intimidating but this is a situation where you need to overcome yourself.

#2: Meet Virtual Friends

You also get the chance to socially engage as you participate in the charity component of the race and enjoy meeting virtual friends in the runners’ community.

Having a circle of friends expands your identity so that you are not just dependent on a few relationships.

#3: Stage a Friendly Competition

Pick a race and then ask your friends to join the same virtual race. You can then post your medals on IG after you finish the run.

#4: Run According to Your Pace

Virtual running only requires that you run. It’s up to you to decide when and which part of your home you’re going to run the race on. No need to gas up and travel.

#5: Stress-Free

If the weather is bad and your mood plummets with it, then just hit the treadmill and take your time. Just enjoy mile after mile that you achieve. You can always reschedule a virtual race – an actual race, you cannot.

#6: Zero Embarrassment

There’s no need to be terrified of a race again. Even if you still don’t consider yourself a runner, you can still sign up for virtual running.

#7: Win Fun Prizes

Many race series are backed by companies that help create unique prizes that inspire people to run. Apart from bragging rights, virtual runners are also sent a package where they get a shirt, medal, and other racing paraphernalia. The medal is one Instagrammable item that you can pose with after the race.

#8: A Part of Your Workout Routine

Virtual races can easily be considered as a part of any training plan. Ask your running coach to take note of your progress.

#9: Add Years to Your Life

‘Talk of workout routines, there are many physical benefits of running including cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, insulin control, hormone regulation, stronger bones, and healthy neurons.

Running also improves your body’s immunity or defense system.

#10: Enjoy Quality Sleep

Even virtual races can help you sleep better. Johns Hopkins experts testify that exercise does help an individual fall asleep faster.

#11: Improved Back and Knees

You may find it difficult to believe that virtual running helps with knee and back pains but sedentary adults have been found to have worse problems than runners. Several studies have already proven this.

#12: Lose Weight…for Good

Since virtual running also involves moving your body, then you inevitably burn calories as you finish the race. Just imagine burning approximately 100 calories each mile and you should be motivated enough to start running.

#13:  Improve Your Cognitive Function

This is probably the most unexpected reason why you should participate in a virtual marathon. Running raises blood flow as your heart rate increases. This results in oxygen-rich blood that is circulated throughout your body including your brain. So if you want to steer clear from Alzheimer’s or any disease that causes cognitive decline, then it’s time to don your sneakers and start running a virtual race


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