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28 Days Keto Diet Challenge Meal Plan

This is a challenge that takes you through the 4 weeks of a month doing a different keto diet each day for 28 days and repeating those diets over the next 3 weeks.

What does a keto diet refer to?

A keto diet helps your liver to break down the fat fast in your body system into ketones. These Ketones in turn are used by the body as the source of all its energy. Then ketosis occurs which is the state when the metabolism of your body gets to burn more ketones. From all this we get the name keto diet or ketogenic diet also referred to as ketosis diet.

What is the importance of being on a ketogenic diet?

The importance is in getting a chance to feed your body with only healthy fats, and fewer proteins and a moderate amount of carbs just to ensure all the functions of the body go on unhindered.

There is a difference in the amount one should take from a person to the other. This amount is determined by the overall body fat percentage, the kilograms you want to cut off, and the intensity of exercises you take part in.

To be sure about the amount you should stick to during this 28 days keto diet challenge meal plan, use a keto calculator to have a good estimate of the micros you should consume over this period.

N/b Stay away from manufactured foods and ensure you consume a lot of vegetables. A good way to make sure of this is by including veggies smoothies and salads in the keto diet plan.

What should I do before embarking on the 28 Days Keto Diet challenge?

If your health is perfect you should have an option to use both a paleo diet and a ketogenic diet. The paleo diet has high amounts of healthy carbs, whereas a keto diet plan has low amounts of carbs.

If you have underlying health issues, seek medical consultation from the doctor first. The medical conditions should be dealt with first before getting that professional green light to go ahead with the 28 days keto challenge meal plan.

The first week of the 28 days keto challenge meal plan

It is not so easy to get through the first week of the challenge, it will be so intimidating. You are bound to be faced by the following as your body gets acclimatized to the new diet routines.

Keto Flu

The symptoms range from feeling a little bit worn out all day, getting easily irritated, don’t worry this is a signal from your body that some adjustments are taking place to acclimatize to the new keto diet plan you have embarked on. The condition is due to your body adjusting from the norm of relying on sugar as its main source of energy to using fat as a substitute for the same function.

How to get rid of the flu brought about by starting a keto diet plan; Increase the number of fats in your diet, add more calories in your meals, throw some more carbohydrates in your meals too, on top of this include more salts, keep exercising, and stay hydrated by drinking more volumes of water.

In a period of like 1-2 days the keto flu will be gone. It takes longer if you are on manufactured carbs and lots of sugar in your diet. Metabolically flexible people have the advantage of burning fat and sugar easily will not have the flu as a nuisance to them for long.

Once the first week is over you will sail through the next 3 ones easily.

What foods should I include in my 28 days keto challenge meal plan?

On top of your meals and any other snacks you may want to include the below-listed foods in your ketogenic diet:

  1. All poultry meats.
  2. All oily fish types.
  3. Any pastured and organic whole eggs.
  4. Beef from animals that have been fed on grass and pork meat.
  5. Butter made from nuts such as peanuts, almond, and cashew seeds.
  6. Include seeds such as almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, macadamia nuts, etc.
  7. Cheese that has full fat especially mozzarella, brie, cheese from goat milk, cream cheese, and cheddar.
  8. Eat lots of fats especially the whole ones with any snack or meal.
  9. For the healthy fats, use coconut, olive, avocado, sesame oils, and butter made from coconut,
  10. All veggies low in starch such as broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and greens.
  11. For spices and food, flavors stick to salt, pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, and fresh natural herbs.

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