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7 Marathon Tips To Stay Safe While Training on Quarantine

During the marathon, we, as runners, focus on many aspects necessary for marathon training. Especially when you are on marathon training during quarantine, it is essential to focus on social distancing, fueling, pacing, recovery, stretching, strength training, and many such aspects. But on top of all this during the quarantine period, it is important to take good care of our safety. Here are some marathon tips during quarantine to stay safe.

You must get a self-defense class for yourself in your locality, especially the one which caters to runners. This will help you to learn tips and tactics which will avoid facing in certain circumstances. 

You can carry with you a personal alarm that may help to scare off who may expect a loud voice. Along with this alarm, you may also carry runner pepper spray. This will help you to stay safe, and you won’t be a victim of your tool for safety. 

You may also need to focus on the safety measures while on marathon training during the quarantine period that may if not followed, may risk your health and training both. Following are some of the tips that may help to increase your safety and hygiene during quarantine marathon training:

1. Avoid going too fast

Running injuries are highly occurred when the runners try to do all at a sudden and quickly. Keep in mind that there is no advantage in increasing your mileage by more than 10% every week. So keep it slow and complete your marathon accordingly. 

2. Warm-up

It would help if you kept yourself warm up properly. If you do not, it may lead to injuries for the runners who are incorporating the speedy work into the marathon training. 

3. Keep social distancing

You can stay away from COVID-19 by maintaining social distance from other runners. This will help you to complete your marathon training while being safe and healthy!

4. Hydrate yourself properly

It is very important to boost your immune system, for such a situation keeps it in mind to hydrate and fuel yourself often if you feel yourself without energy. This may be because you might not be eating or drinking correctly or in the right proportion. Keep the entire nutrient in your diet to stay away from any diseases. 

5. Strength training

Often the injuries that are due to running occur because of muscle imbalance, which weakens the part and may increase the injury. It is essential to take time for strength training a week, which can help to prevent muscle imbalances. You can become a stronger runner by just doing the strength training for 30 minutes twice every week. 

6. Avoid touching during marathon training

While you are running, refrain from touching your face or nose, even avoid touching anything else as well. Use your elbow and foot for most purposes. Take your water bottle along with you during running that will help you stay hydrated. This is one of the most important things you must keep in your practice, as this will keep you safe from infecting through coronavirus!

7. Specific clothes during marathon training

While in this crucial time, one needs to take all the precautionary measures that may help them to stay away from being infected from COVID-19. One tip is to keep safe during marathon training to change your clothes as soon as you reach home. If by mistake your clothes get someone’s spit, avoid touching that part, and take a bath as soon as possible. Wash it in hot water to disinfect the clothes.  Thus by taking all the precautionary measures, one can stay safe from getting infected from coronavirus and enjoy their marathon training as well!

Sofia Lee
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