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7 Tips on Triathlon Training during Social Distancing

Covid-19 virus pandemic has led to all the sporting activities around the globe to be canceled, suspended, while others have been brought to an end officially.  Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, there is a need for all the sports athletes to maintain body fitness throughout this period.

These 7 tips on triathlon training during this time of social distancing will come in handy for any triathlete who needs to keep on training to maintain that body fitness during this social distancing period.

How to Maintain Triathlon Training during Quarantine?

1. Individual Training

Even if the place you are quarantining does not come with all the necessary equipment for training it does not mean training for you as an athlete has to be halted. Improvise on the training means, pick that bike out of the garage and take a ride, it is also a good idea for you to take a walk and a bit of quarantine marathon running. Do all this while ensuring that you take all the necessary precautions not to get infected by the virus.

2. Follow your favorite Triathlete’s Social media page

Have you ever heard the phrase time to turbo so far? Well, this will be so helpful during this social-distancing period in that many of your favorite athletes will keep on posting their workout and training sessions online via their social media platforms. Your trainer will also take you through your training via social media. You can have that perfect unlimited indoor training via social media while still quarantined.

3. Try Prison-Style Workouts

Combine push-ups, squats, body dips, and burpees which will in a huge way assist you in keeping that body fitness as you self-quarantine. These methods in your workout as you self-isolate mostly come in handy if you are social distancing in a place that lacks the usual equipment for that perfect training session for you as a triathlete. You can have these prison-like workout sessions for 30-45 minutes per day especially if you live in a state that has locked down all activities.

4. Tone those muscles using stretch bands

Stretch bands also known as resistance bands have been used over the years by many athletes as they train to tone their muscles. Go to that sports house or supermarket and get yours today! While using them in training during this period they will activate your muscles and keep you fit all along till sports activities resume officially once again.

5. Think out of the box!

During this social distancing period, it is the perfect time for any athlete to think out of the box when it comes to their training. For instance, with many of the athletes at home with their children, it’s a good way to further bond with each other through training. Have a team training session with your family, you can do duck squats or skip around the house or in the compound around the house. You can run while carrying the young ones on your shoulders and they will love it as well as help you in toning your body before that marathon after the pandemic.

6. Seek for training partners via social media

These partners will keep you motivated since each one of them will come up with a different challenge each time to help in triathlon training during this social distancing period. These partners may also set challenge dates where each one of you can participate as long as it is not crowded and all the safety measures against infection are adhered to.

7. Stay optimistic throughout this entire social-distancing period

Stay positive and avoid all negativity which may have an impact on your training. Keep it in your mind that this period will pass and all will get back to normal. You can do this by making it your plan to try new triathlon areas once all this is over.

Sofia Lee
Running enthusiast, blogger, mom, fitness advocate. Loves to share health tips!

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