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Best 5 Hydration Running Belts With Bottles for Marathon Ultra-runners

For ultramarathon runners, hydration running belts are essential to successful training and racing. Not only is hydration necessary for performance, but approaching an ultrarace without a clear hydration plan is out right dangerous.  In this post, we compare the best hydration running belts for ultrarunning in order to help ensure your long distance runs are safe and productive.

How The Hydration Belts Were Assessed?

The ability to carry water on the trail is not to be undermined. For this reason, running belts aren’t just an accessory, they can be your best buddy during an ultra-marathon. For this purpose, there were some specific attributes we were looking for in a hydration running belt. 

1. What Is The Belt’s Carrying Capacity

Running belt will have the ability to maintain a reasonably substantial quantity of water. This doesn’t imply a belt will have the ability to carry a gallon, nevertheless it does imply it will likely be capable of maintain a water bottle (or two) with ease. 

2. Does Running Belt Bounce?

While a great running belt can maintain a great quantity of water, that added weight can typically trigger bouncing. This is usually a distraction throughout an extremely, and can even slowly cause extra fatigue. hydration belt helps limit bouncing. 

3. Is The Belt Lightweight?

Typically, a running belt will be relatively light-weight when it isn’t holding water. Since water will enhance the weight of any belt it can be crucial that the beginning weight for the running belt is low.

1. Nathan Hydration Adjustable Running Belt Trail Mix – (with 2 Bottles)

The Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix offers practically all the things an ultra-runner may need in a belt.

The Nathan Hydration Running belt will be worn in your front or rear waistline. This allows you to tailor the positioning of this belt for your running style. Positioning the belt for your type of running will assist reduce belt bouncing.

While having a lot of hydration capability is an effective factor there are main advantages to the smaller 10 oz.flasks that include the Nathan Hydration Belt Trail Mix; primarily, a smaller carrying capability reduces bouncing as properly. Since the water bottles will be re-filled at support stations we don’t necessarily perceive this as a significant downside for the belt.

Whether operating an area 50 mile route on a Saturday, or taking over the Steamboat Springs 50 & 100 miler you may be proud of the flexibility this belt offers.

2. Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt

The foremost good thing about the Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt is its insulation and its reflective design. Running by way of the evening is part of nearly any ultramarathon, and this vest offers some reflectivity so others can see you on the path.  

The 10 oz.flasks for this model of running belt fit perfectly in their holsters, and the design for grabbing hold keeps them from bouncing out better than other models on the market.

While the main function of any hydration belt is hydration it needs to be said that the storage pocket is one other superior side of this belt. Able to suit iPhones 6/7/eight it is possible for you to to maintain your telephone on you thru the period of your future.Running an ultramarathon along with your telephone is likely to be cumbersome, however the pocket can maintain different gadgets as well. Nutrition for mid-run refuelings, such as gu-packs, protein bars, and more can all simply match inside the zipper top pouch.

There are plenty of hydration running packs in the marketplace, however the Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt among the many finest in the marketplace for these wanting hydration and access to energy refills.

3. Ultimate Direction Mountain Running Belt 4.0

The Ultimate Direction Running Belt 4.0  is a bit totally different than a lot of the different hydration belts we overview on this post. The superior carrying capability and single water bottle design are what makes this belt totally different than the remaining. These two options additionally occur to be the primary purpose the Ultimate Direction Running Belt 4.0 is our alternative for the best hydration running belt for ultra-marathoners. 

The most evident characteristic of this belt vs others we overview is that it solely has a single 20 oz. water bottle. The capability is essentially the identical as most different belts providing two 10 oz.water containers, and for that purpose, we don’t see the only bottle as unfavorableIn reality, the water bottle will be positioned within the rear middle of your back, which may be much less of a hindrance to running form than a two bottle hydration belt.

This Hydration Running Belt Hardly Bounces

With a low profile adjustable belt, the Ultimate Direction Running Belt 4.0 is designed to maintain bounce to an absolute minimum. This is extremely necessary when taking over ultra-level distances, as even the slightest quantity of excessive bounce will must be minimized to prevent any potential chafing and fatigue. 

No More Hydration Bottles Bouncing Out of Your Belt

The versatile elastic strapping that goes over top the water bottle holds it in place firmly during any distance, and whether full or empty. Anyone that has run with a hydration belt where empty hydration flasks bounce out knows how frustrating it may be. This running belt eliminates that completely. 

The Larger Carrying Capacity Pouch

The pouch on this running belt is large and we find it irresistible. The Ultimate Direction Running Belt 4.0’s pouch offers 73.2 cubic inches of house, which is ideal for ultra-running. The pouch is better suited to carry the entire gadgets on the identical time:

  • Running fuel and gels
  • A large-screen smartphone
  • A course/park map
  • Your car keys and personal ID

At the end of the day, this running belt is the perfect for providing comfort, water capability, and space for different necessities. Because let’s face it, you will need more than water when running 50 to 100 miles. Without a doubt, the larger carrying capability is a huge win for this running belt. 

Extra Exterior Storage through Front Pouch Bungee

Running with gloves, and want to take them off during the race? No problem. The pressurized bungee cord on the exterior of the pouch can maintain quite a lot of gadgets on the outside of the belt for straightforward quick entry. Unzippering a pouch could sound simple now, however wait till you’re at mile 75; you may need to skip the zipper and just stuff your gloves into the bungee wire. 

This Running Belt Will be Your Best Running Companion

The Ultimate Direction, Mountain Belt 4.0 comes has minimal bounce, or one with tons of storage this belt needs to be your best choice.

We discover the only bottle design to be more ergonomic over long distances, the hydration bottle is saved firmly in place, and adjustment is simple.

4. Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure

Ultimate Direction has become a preferred model amongst ultra-runners for a purpose, and the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure is an ideal instance of why. It’s breathable design, and concentrate on lowered bouncing will make this a snug hydration belt for even the longest distances. 

What Makes the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure Unique

The main distinction between this vest and the others we review is water carrying capacity. 

The belt comes standard with two 11.8 oz.FlexForm Bottles, offering 23.6 oz.of complete water capability. While that is among the many highest carrying capability of any belt we overview, it needs to be famous that these 11.8 oz.bottles will be switched out simply with the Ultimate Direction FlexForm 600 (21 oz.bottles).  This means the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure Unique could provide as much as 42 oz.of hydration carrying capacity.   

This Hydration Belt is Lightweight

While this running belt has large hydration capacity, it’s also very gentle for a hydration belt with two bottles. 

Most hydration belts with two bottles of this size have an empty weight of around 10 oz., however this selection weighs in at only 7.81 oz. In other words, this belt is light!

Water is relatively heavy, and to reduce the overall weight when the water bottles are full, the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure does a great job of providing a lightweight breathable materials that helps reduce its weight.

When the water bottles are full you will be happy you started with a lighter weight hydration belt. 

5. Ultimate Direction Access 600 Hydration Running Belt

This hydration belt is ideal for ultrarunners wanting to maximise their water carrying capacity without adding annoying bulk. Even with its 20 oz. water bottle, the Ultimate Direction Access 600 is the lightest weight hydration belt of all these we reviewed. 

The Lightest Hydration Belt Reviewed

We have already talked about that this hydration belt is light-weight, however that doesn’t do it justice. Just for instance, the burden of this hydration belt when the bottle is empty is just a bit greater than half the burden of a few of the others we evaluate. 

Best 5 Hydration Running Belts With Bottles for Marathon Ultra-runners

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