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lower cholesterol levels

How To Lower Cholesterol Levels by 100

Lower cholesterol levels by a certain degree is achievable though it would need discipline and the right amount of know how strategy on how attain a target level. #lowercholesterol #tipscholesterol #cholesterolrunners
diabetes marathon

Diabetes Marathon Tips for Diabetic Runners

Diabetes marathon tips when training and during workouts is essential for runners so they can maximize their full potential and train appropriately as they race #diabetesmarathon #diabeticrunning #diabeticrunningtype1 #diabeticrunningtype2 #diabetesrun #runningdiabetes #runningwithtype1diabetes #runningwithdiabetes #runninganddiabetes #diabeticrunningtype1
diabetes safety

Diabetes Safety Tips When Running

Diabetes safety for marathon runners and triathlon athletes needs to be constantly monitored with a help of a medical practitioner or a sports doctor. #diabetessafetytips #diabeticrunner #diabeticrunningtype1 #diabeticrunningtype2 #diabeticsafefoods #diabeticsafedesserts #diabeticsafecookie #diabeticsafesnacks #diabeticsafefruits #diabeticsafemeals #diabeticsafedrinks #diabeticsaferecipes
leptin weight loss

Leptin for Weight Loss – Is Leptin A Good Treatment For...

Leptin for weight loss? When your leptin levels are good you are in a good position to do all sorts of exercises at a normal rate, eat the normal food amounts, and you can even go ahead and get pregnant too! #leptinweightloss
athletes with diabetes

Athletes with Diabetes Nutrition Guide

Athletes with diabetes nutrition planning is essential to maintain the energy level needed during training and workouts. Running with diabetes means letting go of carbohydrate intake due to blood sugar risks. Keep to your regular diabetic diet. Then make sure to follow-up with a banana or toasted bread with jam. athleteswithdiabetes #diabeticathletestype1 #diabeticathletediet #diabeticathlete #diabeticnutritionplan #diabeticnutrition #diabeticnutritionguidelines
Water Intoxication From Running

What You Should Know About Water Intoxication From Running

Water intoxication from running, for whatever purpose it could be, consuming water like this will have adverse effects on the body. One frequent concern is water intoxication. This is often known as hypotremia. Hypotremia is a situation that indicates overhydration. How does it occur?
high blood sugar home remedies

High Blood Sugar Home Remedies

High blood sugar home remedies top tips to explore - get out of that couch and do some exercises! Stick to meals that have low-Glycemic Indexes.Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water always #highbloodsugar #homeremediesdiabetes #diabeticrunners


Most runners know the long-revered fundamentals of running diet: Plan an excellent pre-race meal, eat a protein and carb-rich recovery meal and hydrate properly. Then there are diets, like the favored Ketogenic plan,...
runners with diabetes

Runners with Diabetes Diet Tips for Type 1 Diabetics

Runners with diabetes who are running for marathon, triathlon or other forms of athletic activities require a specialized diet suited for their condition. Being a runner with diabetes, it is recommend to have a running exercises and diet. #diabeticrunner #runnerswithdiabetes #diabeticrecipes, #diabeticdesserts #diabeticmeals #diabeticrecipestype1 #diabeticdiet #diabeticsnacks #diabeticbreakfast #diabeticrecipesfordinner #diabetesdietplan #diabetesinformation #diabetesfoods #diabetestype1
carb loading marathon

Carb Loading Marathon Tips on Post Recovery

Carb loading marathon is essential during post marathon recovery. It is a phase where a runner needs to regain strength and energy. To fuel the body properly during this stage, the right amount of carbohydrates consumption is essential. #carbloadingmarathon #postmarathonrecovery #carbointakemarathon

Most Read

Post Marathon Recovery – Tips on Recovering Fast

Post marathon recovery is a stage where the body needs to be re-assessed after a marathon race. To begin with, marathon recovery must be considered necessary as much as the running occasion itself, and so we’ve compiled for you a number of the greatest marathon recovery insights to make post-the-event as nice because the run itself. Follow the steps under. #postmarathonrecovery #marathonrecovery #postmarathon

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Running

Running inspiration for half marathon beginners, motivation for runners - I would like you to learn from my errors so that you may be the very best runner possible. Without further ado, beneath are the 7 things I wish I knew before I began running.

Riding a Bike Trainer – Indoor Triathlon Training

Triathlon indoor training motivation - Riding a bike trainer – A bike trainer is a tool that clamps onto your rear axle and presses a resistance curler in opposition to the rear tire to be able to experience in place.

Get The Most Out of Your Running Journal

The major distinction between running journals and training logs, is what you document in them after every run, exercise or workout, and so on. Running journals are just that. They are more of a journal quite than a log. They will usually include things like psychological well being and the way you felt in the course of the day or your running. They can attain a bit into some statistical data however that is usually saved for a training log.

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