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Virtual Race Tips to Improve Your Marathon Race

Virtual races are getting popular due to the pandemic lock-down. But what exactly is a "Virtual Race" and how it differs with the traditional race or marathon? Here are some virtual tips and tricks on how you can leverage to improve your marathon race.

Exploring on Long Distance Running Tips

Other long distance running lengths are mostly recreational. Marathons are completely aggressive. And training for the marathon is a little bit completely different from that of a 10 or 5-kilometer race.
virtual racing 101

Virtual Racing 101 – Get Started on Virtual Running

Many people wonder what is virtual racing at the slight mention of the name. On this Virtual Racing 101 post, we will share some basics. Virtual Racing is new and a kind of a crazy concept when it comes to the racing world and fitness sector that involves people being in their race which they also get to run at their own pace while timing themselves. #virtualracing101 #virtualrunning #runningquarantine
Join Virtual Races on Running and Marathon

How To Join Virtual Races on Running and Marathon

Due to the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19, we are in uncertain instances right now where races and occasions are being cancelled or postponed, left, proper and centre. And rightly so with the increased risk that gathering in crowds creates. Its a perfect opportunity on exploring virtual running. But how to join virtual races on running and marathon, you may ask?
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Top 7 Best Virtual Running Events

People can now take part in many events designed for virtual running and are a big challenge for people online. Virtual running events or virtual marathon challenges are best recommended when one of your races gets canceled, and at the same time, you want to keep yourself isolated as well. #virtualrunningevents #virtualmarathon #virtualrace
Virtual Race Running

9 Virtual Race Running To Explore

Your race has been cancelled and the Government has stated that if individuals are to run, they need to run alone (or solely with family members), however this doesn’t imply whole isolation for runners, due to the rise in virtual race running.
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13 Reasons Why You Should Run a Virtual Race

Have you ever heard of the term virtual running? Also known as a virtual race or virtual marathon, this is the kind of race where you can walk or run on any location. Before the quarantine, anyone can just jog on the road or take a brisk walk in the park, or you can even spend some time on the treadmill in your local gym.
Virtual Race Running

Getting Started on Virtual Race Running using Fitness App

For just around dawn, I snap on a fuel and hydration belt, decide against compression sleeves, and double-knot my laces before stepping outside. The air is crisp and cool. It is perfect for race day. I inhale deeply to calm the jitters. Its a perfect time for virtual race running

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Diabetes Marathon Tips for Diabetic Runners

Diabetes marathon tips when training and during workouts is essential for runners so they can maximize their full potential and train appropriately as they race #diabetesmarathon #diabeticrunning #diabeticrunningtype1 #diabeticrunningtype2 #diabetesrun #runningdiabetes #runningwithtype1diabetes #runningwithdiabetes #runninganddiabetes #diabeticrunningtype1

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