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Control Food Cravings Tips for Marathon Runners

Control food cravings during marathon is sometimes challenging. The more we run, the more we tend to get hungry. Trying to beat that food craving can be a challenge especially if you have embarked on a diet plan to cut off some weight. But what are food cravings? It can be described as a condition that is so intense and one cannot control their appetite for certain foodstuffs. The desire is so strong that it can only be quenched only by someone eating what they are craving for.

During marathon or triathlon training, most of the things which people crave to eat are mostly junk in nature and contain high sugar quantities in them. Any craving will lead to someone gaining some extra weight.

Some of the following tips on how to control food cravings can be so helpful in cutting off your weight if stuck to.

1. If the craving kicks in Drinks lots of water

If a craving for any foodstuff or snack just go for that glass of water! Keep on drinking the water until you are off the craving. You will find that the hunger or food craving that had just set in was a result of your body being dehydrated.  Drinking water has been known scientifically to minimize the appetite in turn any weight gain is reduced. Ensure you drink some water before eating; it will reduce your food cravings and the excess eating. This is a sure way to stay in shape.

2. Keep Stress at Bay

Don’t stress your body over so many issues as stress has been known to induce food cravings and abnormal eating behaviors. This has found more so in the studies on food cravings in women. When stressed many of the women were found to have increased levels of eating. They will take more calories as compared to all other women who were relaxed and not stressed over anything.

Cortisol, a hormone that is produced when somebody is stressed in a way and may prompt you to eat more as a way to calm yourself down. Try to find things that calm you down whenever stress sets in.

3. Don’t let your body to go extremely hungry

If you let your body go for long without food, definitely it will start craving for some foods more so the junks. To avoid this have a schedule in which you can eat regularly and carry any bites that you can eat anytime with you always. These bites or snacks should be healthy ones too to avoid that excess weight gain. By doing this you will keep all sorts of food cravings at bay and eventually, all food cravings will be a thing of the past.

4. Control food cravings by taking more proteins in your diets

Reducing overeating and minimizing appetite levels have been scientifically been proven to be done over the years by increasing the amount of protein in your meals. In a way protein increase will reduce the food cravings affecting you, this is by giving you that feeling that you are full and had enough already. The protein intake should be increased by 25% and in turn can make you lose that appetite by more than 60%.

5.  At mealtimes take only proper meals

Most food cravings are brought about by the body having insufficient major ingredients for its proper functioning, Hunger then sets in making you eat abnormally. Eating proper meals will ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients and in a balanced manner and any cravings for more food even after just you have eaten will not have any room to kick in.

During mealtimes, your meals should only take whole foods which are healthy such as seeds, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

6. Always ensure you get enough sleep

Any abnormal changes in your hormones may lead to their imbalance in turn affecting your appetite levels. To avoid poor appetite controls and heavy cravings on you ensure you sleep for 8 hours daily to let your body rest enough. Most of the obese people have been studied over time and it can be supported by these studies that at some point in their lives they didn’t get adequate sleep.

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