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Fat Burning Tips – The Samurai Way

Fat burning tips are often explored by runners and marathoners who want to shed extra weight. Marathon training can sometimes cause over-eating. Many people hate the idea of having that protruding pot belly due to the excess fat that has accumulated in that body region. All your clothes don’t seem to fit at all! It becomes a nuisance all together and in many that confidence evades them and they tend to be shy from living that fun-filled life.

Belly fat is also a life-threatening condition, and can lead to diseases such as diabetes especially type 2 one, heart disease, and other fat accumulation related illnesses. The fat that accumulates around your belly is known as Visceral fat and is measured by the Body Mass Index (BMI) method.

For ages now many people have tried all sorts of means to get rid of that excess belly fat, we have taken the time to look at some of the most effective methods which can be supported by scientific studies.

5 Best Fat Burning Tips To Consider

1. Increase your intake of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber has that advantage in absorbing water and in a way creates a gel that assists in slowing down the food as it moves through the digestive tract. In this way you will feel full for longer thus you won’t have the craving to eat often. On top of this, it will minimize the number of calories absorbed by your body from that food.

Your shirataki noodles, Brussels sprouts, avocados, legumes, and more will ensure that your body has that perfect supply of soluble fiber always.

2. Stay away from all foods that have Trans fats in them

Trans fats are found in some margarine brands and bread spreads, even in most of the packaged foods. Trans fats will be formed by the combination of hydrogen into unsaturated fats, for instance, soybean oil. These types of fats will lead to conditions such as insulin resistance, abdominal fat accumulation, heart conditions, and body inflammations.

To be belly fat-free ensure that you stay away from any form of products that contain trans fats.

3. Avoid Excess Intake of Alcohol

Excess intake of alcohol has been known to be harmful to the body. The worst condition brought about by drinking too much alcohol is the accumulation of fat around your belly. It is attributed to central obesity in studies that have been done on heavy alcohol takers. There’s a need for you to reduce the intake or quit completely to stay away from that belly fat you don’t want to be a nuisance to you in the future.

4. Avoid stressing yourself

Cortisol which is a stress hormone that is produced whenever the adrenal glands are triggered by stress is found mostly in people who have stress often in which in turn leads to belly fat. The increase in the hormone is a sure way to lead to the accumulation of fat around your belly area. The production of cortisol from previously done studies will lead to more eating due to the increase in appetite; this will call for more fat accumulating in your belly area. Do exercises whenever stressed it will keep you away from food and burn the excess amount that had started to pile up.

5. Increase your protein Intake

Protein has a good advantage when it comes to checking and managing your weight. More protein intake means an increase in the production and release of a hormone known as PYY. This hormone gives you that satisfaction feeling all through reduces your now and then eating trends since you tend to feel full all through.

The high levels of proteins can be found in foods such as; fish, dairy products, eggs, meat, whey protein, and beans.

For more means through which you can embark on losing that excess belly fat, click here.

Sofia Lee
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