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Gift Ideas For Runners, Marathoners and Triathletes

Gift ideas for runners, marathoners, triathletes and the likes are sought about specially during special events and occasions. The list of the gift selections we are going to name in this article should also give you that eye-opener for which kind of a gift you should give yourself as a runner.

At times, you don’t have to wait for somebody to gift you one you will also get a chance to decide on which gift you can settle for and pamper yourself with. These gift tips are some essentials for every runner to have as a baseline.

This is the perfect gift ideas for runners and as guide list for anyone looking for something to give themselves or any buddy they know who takes part in triathlon and marathons.

1. A Gear Bag

All triathletes will want to have a perfect bag that carries all their gear at once without having to tag with them several bags whenever they are going for a competition or just a training session. A perfect gear bag you can get them is the Silca Maratona Gear Bag which goes for just $195! It has compartments that are suitable to carry all gear that will help the triathlete in carrying all the necessary gear. On top of this, the bag’s material is durable and will last for long.

2. Stretch Bands

These bands are also known as mini resistance bands; they are the in-thing especially with the social media craze on workouts. What about people giving you that sweet look whenever you show up with some for training or giving them to somebody whom you care about and is a triathlete. These bands will go a long way in ensuring that they strengthen their muscles perfectly as they use them to train. Check cool stretch bands for gifts here.

3. TRX Suspension Trainer

Everyone is staying at home at the moment to avoid contracting the virus, what a perfect moment to gift that triathlete a home strengthening equipment. If you choose to give them a gear that can assist in strengthening their bodies while they train at home, I highly recommend you gift them the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can check the best deals of TRX Suspension trainer here.

4. A Gift Certificate to the Local Yoga Place or Pilates Studio

Many female Triathletes have fallen in love with the pilates idea and this has been made more fun by the Gamin Grippy Socks. These socks are designed in such a way that they help them in training their waists and the hip area and in a way they prevent injuries occurring to them in those body areas. Combining the two will blow any female triathletes’ mind off. You can check the amazing gift certificate deals from FreeSpirit Yoga through this link.

5. Get them a Pain-Relief Acupressure Mat

Sometimes every marathoner or triathlete has to tone down the training and all that pressure that piles from it. The perfect way to help them achieve all this is by getting them a pain-relief acupressure mat. Instead of going for massage and acupuncture at the nearest spa they can have all that taken care of at home on their mat!  The body mass of any runner or triathlete will allow the pressure points to be released through it and in this way the nerve lines are reset, unblocked, and in a way the pain that had accumulated in their body is minimized. Check some deals on some pain-relief acupressure mat here.

6. A Waterproof Armband

You should look for that perfect 100% waterproof armband as a gift to give your triathlete who takes part in triathlons and marathons. They can take their iPhones for swimming without worrying about their phone getting damaged, the armband also allows the apps installed on the phone to keep track of all their activities, and even if the straps flip open they don’t have to worry it will float. Some waterproof earbuds will also do them good; as they swim they can also play some music. Check some awesome waterproof armband.

There are thousands of gifts that any runners and triathletes can buy themselves or they have already had in their wish/buckets lists. Just choose what looks like a thrilling item to them and go for it as per your budget too.

Sofia Lee
Running enthusiast, blogger, mom, fitness advocate. Loves to share health tips!

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