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How To Leverage Your Treadmill – From Couch To 5k Marathon

Have You Heard About The “Couch To 5k Marathon” On A Treadmill Program?

This is a program that gets any person to start training straight from their couch to the treadmill by making sure that they cover a distance of 5 Kilometers by running on the treadmill for 9 or 10 weeks. For anyone using a treadmill to cover the 5K program bits every day it will require a lot of planning especially in the first days of the program. Many have called it quits in the first days of the program due to a lack of preparations and planning before embarking on the whole training program.

Let’s now delve deeper into the details involved in any couch to 5K on a treadmill practice plan in this article and what you need to do to stay put throughout the entire program.

What You Need To Do Before Starting A Couch To 5k Marathon On A Treadmill?

  • You should ensure that your body is in that perfect healthy state. This will make sure that you are going to gain a lot from the training sessions on your treadmill instead of just wearing down your body further.
  • If you haven’t taken part in any rigorous activities such as running in a marathon for a time now you might have to think twice about embarking on this journey. Still, if you have to, there is that need for you to start it at a slower pace as you pick the pace up. This will allow your body to acclimatize to the changes which will come with the hard practice while running on the treadmill.
  • After assessing your body condition do you think you can still make the couch to 5K marathon on a treadmill in the shortest period possible or you need to extend the period from the usual  6 weeks to 10 weeks? You will need to train first if your body is not in a good condition for all that training pressure in trying to beat the 5k on a treadmill instead of allowing it the 10 weeks maximum period to cover the 5k.

Things You Need To Consider In A Couch To 5k Marathon On A Treadmill

1. Ensure you have all the necessary gear for the marathon

To gain the maximum from training on your treadmill, running gear such as the recommended running shoes, running kits, a properly working treadmill, and any timer will do but most preferably buy yourself a smartwatch that can keep in check diverse aspects of your body as you train.

2. Do a warm-up before embarking on the training

Before any practice session, it is highly recommendable to do some warm-ups. This will get your body and all muscles geared up for the running session on the treadmill and you will not pick up muscle cramps as you progress. A good warm-up session will require you to stretch, do all sorts of kicks, press-ups, and more

3. Alternate the runs with walks

This is the best and highly recommended way to ensure that you will get the best results from your training sessions on the treadmill. You have to run for a minute or any predetermined time then alternate with a walk of the same period.

4. Stretch after you run

This is the surest way to prevent those injuries from cropping up and it also helps in preventing body injuries from the running sessions on the treadmill.

5. Ice your feet after the run

As a way of ensuring that your feet don’t get sore and swollen, dip your feet in ice-cold water or ice for a period of like 5 minutes after every workout session.

6. Combine the training with other training forms

What if you combined some cycling some bit of yoga practice, rowing a rowing machine with your feet, and more? This is a good way to ensure your training sessions on the treadmills are not cliché and boring day in day out. On top of that, it will build your body muscles more and prevent any sort of injuries to your body since all parts of your body will be taking part in all the combined training.


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