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How To Lower Cholesterol Levels by 100

Lower cholesterol levels by a certain degree is achievable though it would need discipline and the right amount of know how strategy on how attain a target level.

What is cholesterol?

This is the fatty substance that can be found in somebody’s blood. It is a result of the foods we often eat while the rest of it comes from our bodies. Normal levels of cholesterol have some necessary purposes, for instance it is important in the making of hormones and body cells that are healthy. Any deviation from normal cholesterol amounts to excess build up in the blood may lead to health complications to an individual.

There are two classes of cholesterol in an individual’s blood

LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein); This type clogs your arteries and causes health problems. A healthy cholesterol level should always be pegged at 100mg/dL.

HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein); is the healthy type of cholesterol necessary for the normal functioning of the body. It assists in clearing the LDL type from your arteries. Should be kept at 60 mg/dL levels.

Effects of Having High Cholesterol Levels

Too high levels in your blood mean that the accumulation occurs in your blood arteries and veins. This is known as plaques, they harden and in turn narrow the arteries, this prevents the normal flow of blood and only a less amount can flow through them.

When these fatty deposits burst they can lead to life-threatening blood clots condition. For instance if this happens in a coronary artery that leads to the heart, someone suffers from a sudden heart attack.

These clots can also go all the way to the brain, the disruption of blood’s flow to the brain leads to a stroke in return.

Tips on How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Below 100

The highlighted tips below on how to lower the cholesterol levels will assist you in understanding what you ought to do to maintain a balance in your cholesterol levels always to enjoy that healthy life.

1. Eat healthy and natural foods always

Ensure your meals are healthy and natural as much as possible; this is the first step in lowering that LDL and increasing your HDL levels in the bloodstream. Stay away from all forms of saturated and Trans fats, these are known to lead to the buildup of LDL levels to extreme levels. To avoid these fats avoid red meat, processed meat, and full-fat dairy by-products such as ice cream, cheese/whole milk. Avoid food that contains trans fats such as fried foods, fast foods, baked and packaged foods like cookies, crackers/cupcakes.

To feed your body only on mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated healthy fats you should eat meals like oily fish, oil from seeds, avocados, nuts, seeds, and soybeans

Minimize the amount of refined sugar and flour you take, instead go for whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, and oatmeal. These are rich in fiber and will go a long way in getting rid of that excess cholesterol from your body.

2. Exercise more often

To stay generally healthy and have body well-being always you need to take exercising and your overall fitness more keenly each day. It is a sure way of increasing your HDL levels by exercising regularly. Daily make it a norm to do exercise for an hour minimum.

You can divide the exercise into different segments which can be managed easily, for instance take 10 minutes walks early in the morning, 10 minutes more at lunchtime, and 10 more minutes at the end of the day. Combine all forms of exercises to reap the best from this.

3. Put an end to that smoking habit!

The health risks from smoking range from suffering from cancer and lung-related conditions, damages to your blood vessels from the chemicals in the smoke, and causing blood deposits in your arteries. This bad habit can lead to an increase in your LDL levels while at the same time your HDL levels dropping significantly.

4. Trim down the excess weight pounds

You can achieve this by eating well and doing more exercise. In a way this will help you cut off that excess weight. For obesity affected people there is a huge need to get off up to 10 pounds of weight as a way of improving your cholesterol balances.

5. Consult your doctor for a perfect medication plan

There are plenty of cholesterol-lowering medicines that can be used to lower the LDL levels in your blood at the same time improving the HDL levels too. Your doctor will be in a good position to determine the best ones for you. They are classified under; statins, bile acid sequastrants, Cholesterol absorption inhibitors, Fibrates, and niacin.

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