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Leptin for Weight Loss – Is Leptin A Good Treatment For Weight Loss?

What is Leptin?

Leptin refers to a type of proteins that are made in the fat cells and can be found in the blood of someone. It circulates from the bloodstream to the brain. It is important to the body in that it is the way through which the fat cells communicate to the brain that your energy regulator is normal for functioning.

In a more simple language, leptin will communicate to your brain that there is the required amount of energy in the form of fat that has been kept in the fat cells. This way the metabolic processes in the fat cells can go on un-interfered with even without further storage of fat by the fat cells.

Leptin For Weight Loss?

When your leptin levels are good you are in a good position to do all sorts of exercises at a normal rate, eat the normal food amounts, and you can even go ahead and get pregnant too!

Since leptin is generally produced by the fat cells where most of the fat is produced and stored for the provision of energy to the body, it has the main primary role of regulating someone’s weight. You will find hundreds of leptin supplements in the stores’ shelves which in a way are for reducing your appetite and in turn cutting off that extra weight you want to lose.

We will help you determine whether leptin supplements are a good way to go in shedding those extra pounds on your journey to lose weight in this article.

Do Leptin Supplements help in Losing Weight?

If the leptin levels in your body are high a message will be sent over to your brain to inform it that you have enough energy supply and there is no need to eat extra amounts than the usual ones.

It however differs in people who are affected by obesity in that they have more levels of the leptin hormone than normal people who have the average weight.

This gives many people the idea that they should get themselves large supplies of leptin supplements from the store since the more the leptin levels they ingest the higher the chances of losing weight. This is from the fact that with more leptin levels the communication to the brain to stop eating extra amounts is passed through and you cease to. It doesn’t always work like this!

There is a condition that happens in your body with continued use of leptin supplements in losing weight, known as leptin resistance. The brain fails to decode the messages send by leptin to stop eating. The hormone levels will be kept at optimum but still the brain makes you think you need to eat extra amounts. More eating means more weight gain!

The resistance will also suggest to your body that more energy should be saved, hence lower calories burning rate. With the resistance it becomes much harder to lose that weight you want to shed.

This then comes down to how the brain interprets the messages to send over to it by leptin. If the signals are received and decoded perfectly then leptin supplements will work for you in losing the extra weight.

The important thing to consider before you get those leptin supplements is, it is not a guarantee that you will lose that weight despite increasing your leptin levels in the bloodstream.

How to Minimize the Resistance

The following suggestions as you take your leptin supplements can help a lot in reducing that leptin resistance;

1. Doing exercises regularly will increase the sensitivity of leptin and help you with weight loss.

2. Stay away from taking lots of meals that contain a lot of sugar in them including beverages. Sugar makes leptin resistance in the body to worsen.

3. Increase your intake of any meals or foods that contain anti-inflammatory agents, for instance, fish. It will increase leptin’s sensitivity and in turn help in losing your weight.

4. Eat more cereals in your diet for they are known to contain high levels of fiber which in a way helps in improving the resistance and sensitivity, in turn you will have a smooth time losing that extra weight. 5. Always get enough rest especially through sleeping. The perfect way when it comes to any hormone’s check and normal functioning of leptin levels in your body.


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