High Blood Sugar Home Remedies

High blood sugar home remedies top tips to explore - get out of that couch and do some exercises! Stick to meals that have low-Glycemic Indexes.Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water always #highbloodsugar #homeremediesdiabetes #diabeticrunners

Green Vegetable Juice Recipes For Runners

Green vegetable juice recipes have that power just like their name suggests in your weight loss plans. It is also a comfortable way to have your veggies in the form of juice if you don't love the idea of eating the leafy greens. Two birds killed with one stone. Having your favorite drink and at the same time giving your body those necessary nutrients. #greenvegetablejuice #greenjuicerecipes #greenjuicerunners

Marathon Nutrition During Race Day Planning

Marathon nutrition during race day will require a careful planning so that you can equip your body with the right amount of energy and substance that is needed for the race. Nutrition plan to follow during the marathon day #marathonnutrition #marathondaypreparation #marathondayplanning

Beginning Ketogenic Diet for Runners

Beginning ketogenic diet will require bits of research to identify if this form of high-fat and very low carb diet will work for your lifestyle and nutrition needs. Most marathon runners uses a strict diet to fuel their training and marathon races, consuming the right amount of protein, carbohydrates-rich recovery diet and to drink and hydrate well. #beginnersketogenicdiet #ketodietrunners #28dayketodiet

Keto Bread Recipe for Runners, Marathoners, Triathletes

Keto bread recipe are absolute favorites for runners, marathoners and triathletes that are on a keto diet plan. Bread is an almost have food commodity in every household as bread can be eaten in so many ways including making it part of other meals. Despite the worldwide love for bread the gluten in the wheat makes it affects the health of so many people. #ketobreadrecipe #ketodiet #ketoforunners #ketomarathon #ketotriathlon

Control Food Cravings Tips for Marathon Runners

Control food cravings during marathon is sometimes challenging. The more we run, the more we tend to get hungry. Trying to beat that food craving can be a challenge especially if you have embarked on a diet plan to cut off some weight. But what are food cravings? #foodcravingsmarathon #foodcravingstriathletes #foodcravingsrunners

Carb Loading Marathon Tips on Post Recovery

Carb loading marathon is essential during post marathon recovery. It is a phase where a runner needs to regain strength and energy. To fuel the body properly during this stage, the right amount of carbohydrates consumption is essential. #carbloadingmarathon #postmarathonrecovery #carbointakemarathon

Gift Ideas For Runners, Marathoners and Triathletes

Gift ideas for runners, marathoners, triathletes and the likes are sought about specially during special events and occasions. The list of the gift selections we are going to name in this article should also give you that eye-opener for which kind of a gift you should give yourself as a runner. #giftideasrunners #triathletegifts #marathongifts #runnersgifts

Fat Burning Tips – The Samurai Way

Fat burning tips are often explored by runners and marathoners who want to shed extra weight. Marathon training can sometimes cause over-eating. Many people hate the idea of having that protruding pot belly due to the excess fat that has accumulated in that body region #fatburningtips #fatburningsolution #fatmeltdiet

Supplements for Marathon Training and Recovery

Supplements for marathon during your training and when you recover plays a vital role in making you fit as you run. To train fully for that upcoming marathon event and still recover perfectly from the training sessions and after post-race, you need to get the most out of the supplements you take daily to give you that perfect endurance. #supplementsformarathon #marathonsupplements

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Wondering How To Make Your Mini Triathlon Training Rock? Read This!

The greatest strategy to begin your entry to triathlon is by becoming a member of mini triathlon. In this manner, you keep away from over-training your self which may find yourself shedding your stint within the competitors. Still, the mini triathlon is an actual triathlon and due to this fact you will need to give your self sufficient time to arrange for it.

The Ultimate Guide on Using Your Triathlon Wet Suits

The greatest wet suits are those that fit snugly into the athlete’s body. This might sound straightforward but the variations are advised by the distinctive body construct the racer has. People are sometimes fooled by the impression that the wet suit doesn't match appropriately when all of the whereas, it has the correct match saying “the suit is simply too tight’.

Triathlon Gear List – What Do Triathletes Wear

5 necessary stuffs for your triathlon gear list - triathlon suits, triathlon shorts, triathlon tops, shoes, bike - are usual triathlon gear list. These are essential checklist as you embark on your triathlon training journey. Identifying the right set of tools and things to use could be helpful as you start your workouts and routine training. #triathlonwear #triathlonwearwomen #triathlonwearclothing #whattoweartriathlon #wearfirsttriathlon, #wearfortriathlonwomen #triathletegears #triathlongear

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Feet Before A Marathon

As a runner, your feet are valuable. Here we let you know how one can prepare your feet before a marathon so you can put them up and relax.

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