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Proof That Fitness Tracking For Marathon Training Really Works

As you train for your marathon, you learn on ways to make use of your fitness tracking for marathon as a means to burn fats and improve your diet: know the calories in and the calories out after which sway them in your favor. Sorted.

Likewise, you understand how to make use of fitness monitoring to simply really feel higher: you retain a log of all of your actions, your diet and your behavior after which make common notes of how you’re feeling. Look for correlations and also you’re golden.

But what about training and understanding? How do you utilize fitness trackers to enhance your effectiveness in that area? Here are some tricks on using Fitness Tracking For Marathon:

Staying within the Fat Burning Zone

One very great tool for training that presents itself when you begin monitoring your fitness and your training is the optimum ‘fat burning zone’.

The fats burning zone is a considerably controversial matter, as some individuals will declare that it doesn’t exist. Is this true? Well sure and no. The argument actually surrounds the right tempo at which you have to be training as a way to burn the utmost quantity of fats and whereas some individuals say it is advisable to train extra intensively, different individuals say you need to train much less intensively.

The degree that most individuals inform you to train is at 75% of your MHR. MHR is ‘Maximum Heart Rate’ and to get this determine, you simply have to take your tracker, coronary heart price monitor or CV machine of

selection after which train as intensively as you possibly can (whereas remaining protected). You’ll discover that your information reveals the purpose at which you peaked and in case you take that quantity, that’s your MHR. 75%, in keeping with many, is your optimum fats burning zone and the zone at which you need to attempt to keep inside when training as a way to shed poudns.

Interestingly although, evidently a better degree of depth goes to be extra helpful for burning the utmost variety of calories. Note right here the excellence between calories and fats.

You see, all of it comes all the way down to the way in which by which your body burns the calories. When you’re employed out at above 75% of your MHR, you enter an ‘anaerobic’ kind of training, which signifies that you’ll want power extra rapidly than your body can burn it for gasoline. That signifies that the only supply of power is the glucose within the blood and at this level you’ve then stopped burning fats and began burning carbs.

But that doesn’t imply that top depth training is ineffective. Because when you exit that top depth training, your body will then begin to get extra of its power out of your fats shops as a result of it has nowhere else to look. This means you really burn extra calories total and extra fats within the long-term since you change the metabolism of your body.

What counts as excessive depth training? That’s about 90-95% of your MHR.

But in fact not everybody goes to wish to train at 90-95% of their capability as it’s going to pose health dangers in case you’re aged or in case you have coronary heart issues. For those that are prepared to go intense, the following part on HIIT will type you out. For everybody else, training within the 70-80% vary remains to be helpful and can nonetheless burn plenty of calories.

Either approach, looking at your wrist will let you know the way coronary heart your body is working and whether or not it is advisable to improve the depth or decrease it.


Even in case you are tremendous athletic, you gained’t be capable of keep anaerobic train for lengthy before you collapse. That’s why the marathon isn’t sprinted by anybody however slightly jogged.

What you can do although, is to make use of interval training. This signifies that you’ll be alternating between intervals of excessive depth and decrease depth. So you may train at 90% of your MHR for about 2 minutes after which drop all the way down to 70% for five minutes whilst you get well.

What’s glorious about this technique is that it means that you can burn extra calories in much less time with out killing your self. At the identical time, it additionally signifies that you need to use each methods for burning fats. This is nice as a result of it signifies that you utilize the anaerobic kind of training as a way to take away your blood glucose after which instantly observe this up with decrease depth training to burn off the

optimum quantity of fats. It’s a vastly environment friendly and scientific strategy to your training and fitness monitoring actually makes this a lot simpler.

(As an added bonus, HIIT additionally will increase the effectivity of your mitochondria. We gained’t go into this intimately right here, however suffice to say that your mitochondria deal with your body’s skill to make the most of glucose for power. The extra you’ve and the extra environment friendly they’re, the extra energetic you develop into and the extra fats your body burns.)

Guided Workouts

Using the above methods, you need to use your fitness tracker as a way to enhance the effectivity of your exercises and to burn extra calories.

If you’re serious about doing HIIT, then search for a fitness tracker with guided exercises such because the Microsoft Band 2. The Microsoft Band 2 is especially nice for this as a result of it consists of some exercises for HIIT and so forth. that may speak you thru the training as you’re doing it. This means precisely when to extend the tempo and when to decrease it and also you’re by no means left guessing. You may even discover packages over the course of a number of weeks, virtually like having a private coach proper there with you!

But what in case you’re much less serious about burning calories and extra serious about constructing muscle or bettering your athletic efficiency? Guided exercises can help a ton with this too and may train you the best strategies to make use of akin to drop units and supersets, whereas on the similar time encouraging the proper type on things just like the Deadlift.

As talked about there’s additionally the Atlas fitness tracker that guarantees to have the ability to monitor your precise approach and reps and units and the GymWatch to measure strength. Or you possibly can have a look at the Moov Now which additionally guarantees to have the ability to present helpful recommendation concerning approach through a voice in your ear and fitness monitoring that displays a number of limbs. Another choice is to make use of Xbox Fitness which can use the Kinect on Xbox One to analyse your precise actions – and doubtlessly even mix this info with information from the Microsoft Band 2.

As talked about although, merely protecting monitor of your regime and monitoring enhancements in your strength can go an extended option to telling you whether or not your present strategies and programming are working.


Another vitally essential metric/readout that your trackers ought to give you regarding your training is your recovery. The greatest trackers and particularly these designed with running in thoughts, will be capable of inform you precisely how lengthy it is advisable to relaxation before you possibly can train once more. If you do a very intense exercise for 1.5 hours, it’d suggest you wait just a few days.

HEED this warning. This is among the greatest things that lots of people get improper when beginning out within the gymnasium: they train tremendous exhausting for 5 days per week they usually don’t give their our bodies time to get well. Remember, that is fairly often straight off the again of doing nothing. Unsurprisingly, they attain burnout after not lengthy, which is extra technically referred to as ‘overtraining’. At that time, they then discover themselves unable to make it to the gymnasium in any respect anymore they usually see all their enthusiasm fade.

Slow and regular wins the race. Listen to this suggestion.

Does Fitness Tracking For Marathon Training Really Works?

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