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Supplements for Marathon Training and Recovery

Supplements for marathon during your training and when you recover plays a vital role in making you fit. To train fully for that upcoming marathon event and still recover perfectly from the training sessions and after post-race, you need to get the most out of the supplements you take daily to give you that perfect endurance.

That why you need to give your body that perfect boost in the form of energy this will be provided by the right supplements as we are going to guide you through in this article. If you choose the following supplements for your body rest assured that you will run in that marathon confidently and also get the most from your workout sessions.

1. Electrolytes

You may have not come across them and you are wondering what the heck this is! They are just chemical ions necessary for the body as a marathoner; they ensure that the body functions regularly. They are essential for that contraction of the muscles, your body staying fully hydrated, and the body’s pH levels in check. It is a combination of the following chemicals; Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride, Phosphate, Bicarbonate, and Sodium.

If the body has enough electrolytes you will not get fatigued easily, confused, muscle pains, or any sort of aches. Any build-up of the lactic acid will also be prevented; you will last for long and still be energetic throughout the event.

2. Carbohydrate Powders, and Energy Gels

The two supplements are a rich source of glucose and in turn the energy so much required by the body especially if used at the same time. They will ensure your body as an athlete takes head on the pressure brought about by being in a marathon and after being in one. You will have that energy, endurance, and that quick recovery. Just take them in every 45 minutes as you train, take part in a marathon, and as you recover. If you need that intra workout energy from the powders, just mix them with water and take them with you.

3. Protein Powders

The intake of protein powders will ensure the buildup of your muscles and their strength too. They make sure the amount of protein in your diet and meals is boosted over time. With this the body can recover fast; the muscles can synthesis energy in the shortest time possible.

Get the protein powders from the stores’ shelves for these are best in providing you with that easy and fast boost in your body protein levels by up to 25g per spoon.

4. Omega 3

The three fatty acids that are; ALA, DHA, and EPA, mostly found in foods such as fish, nuts, and seeds make up Omega 3. This supplement is so important for the body of any marathon runner and needs to be taken regularly through the diets the runner eats.

Not only will the supplement ensure perfect health of the runner but it will provide perfect conditions for the cardiovascular system, in a way that will help in reducing the high blood pressure of your body as a runner, and lower the fat levels in your body.

You need those joints ready and healthy for that upcoming marathon event? Then your savior is in the Omega 3 supplement. It will not only accelerate your recovery but it will also see that all forms of inflammation are minimized from the marathon.

5. L Glutamine

This is a form of an essential amino acid that is produced by the body in small amounts so as a way of boosting the body levels as a runner you are required to increase the amounts you consume daily in your diets.

It will provide you with that energy to make it throughout the race; your body will recover fully in the shortest time. It supports your immunity system to keep you healthy for training, the event, and after recovery, as well as supporting the digestive system.

If the levels are not that adequate in your body as you train, run, and try to recover, you may suffer from sickness. The muscles are in a perfect position to recover perfectly as you train and recover.

Sofia Lee
Running enthusiast, blogger, mom, fitness advocate. Loves to share health tips!

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