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Things You Need to Know before Booking a Virtual Race

What Is Virtual Running?

Probably by now, you may have come across the term severally via several platforms more so the social media ones as these virtual races keep on popping up your social media pages as adverts for such upcoming events.

Don’t get overwhelmed over the meaning of the term, virtual running and virtual races only is a form of a new concept in which people run but not always at the same place, though it may be on the same date or over a given period. Each virtual race rules depend on the organizers.

We will help you understand the basic things you need to know about virtual racing and before booking a virtual race for yourself to take part in one.

Things You Need to Know before Booking a Virtual Race

1. Unlike in the traditional races which always have a starting line where all runners converge at the starting point to start the race, a virtual race doesn’t come with one! Once you register by either paying up some fee upfront or for free you are eligible to run your race whenever and wherever you like.

2. In your home on your treadmill or the nearest athletics track, all forms of races are allowed.

3. Imagine this being your referee in timing your pace and still finishing the race as long as it takes and at the end of the day once you upload your official touch of the finish line online you await for that mail which comes with a medal for your achievement at your doorstep in a few days!

4. You don’t have to worry about the weather or being inconvenienced by other tasks that can’t allow you to compete on a particular day. You have that freedom to run your virtual race on any perfect day that suits your schedule.

5. They are a form of charity through which the proceeds realized are channeled to community development projects or other humanitarian programs. The only form of reward people receive is either in the form of medals or other prizes just to appreciate them for being a part of a worthy course.

6. Any virtual racer has opportunity made easier for them via the multiple platforms through which they can register. You don’t have to go through the hustle of filling up forms to take part in one always.

7. A virtual race is similar to a traditional race or marathon in that both are still races and any runner has to take part in any. Though, the big difference in the two is that, being a virtual runner you have that freedom to run your race in your chosen location, and at your own time! Traditional races require the runners in any race or marathon to be at the starting point at the same time, follow the same race route, through thorough supervision to ensure all details are followed.

8. Did you know that your treadmill can be your chosen race location? Just choose your treadmill as your virtual running track and set the distance and pace and you will have your virtual race at home

9. For those who have fancied the idea of running in a marathon a virtual race avails you that golden opportunity. Even though marathons are for the elite athletes a virtual race allows someone to sub-divide the marathon into segments that can be covered in bits till they finish the whole marathon race even if in days. For instance, a marathon is more than 40 kilometers; the advantage in a virtual race is that you have the opportunity to divide the whole stretch to 5 kilometers stretch each.

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