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Tight Hip Flexors Strain Symptoms and Treatment

Tight hip flexors are terms you can usually hear when it pertains to hip pain and injury. For runners and marathoners, these are common during and after running if there is no proper stretches and warm ups done.

What does Tight Hip Flexors Strain Mean?

Hip flexor pain or strain is a sort of pain or strain that occurs to your hips flexor muscles. This is usually if the you have tight hip flexors wherein muscles are stretched, under too much pressure, suffering from an injury or a tear. This strain on the hip flexor muscles is exhibited by a strong piercing pain. The activities you engage in each day may be the root cause of the exhilarating pain on your hips.

This strain may range from someone just experiencing some slight injuries on the hips to the extreme cases which lead to the flexor muscles being disconnected from the bone and they cant reattach to it at all. You may suffer from third-degree muscle twists in which the bones will break on that point where the muscle pull is happening.

What are the symptoms of hip flexor strain?

Those who have suffered hip flexor strains before always exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Muscle cramps or a tightening feeling in the hip flexor muscles to the muscles in their upper legs’ area.
  • A strong pain that comes and goes suddenly on their hips or the pelvis area.
  • They may experience some painful feeling and in other times a soft feeling on their upper legs.
  • The groin area may become weak which is accompanied by a pulling feeling.
  • Shaking of the hips or thighs.
  • It becomes hard for someone with this condition to take part in any sort of kicking, jumping, or even racing.
  • They face difficulties in their movements especially when walking and may lead to some sort of limping effect.
  • Once they wake up or stay put in one place for long they have stiff and tight legs feeling.
  • The thighs and hips areas may become swollen or bruised.

What is the cause of the tight hip flexor strain?

1. Stress imposed on the hip flexor muscles when dancing or running.

2. When the hip flexor muscles are in a way held up as someone moves their knees upwards to their torso.

What Categories of People are more prone to Hip Flexor Strain?

The following categories of people are more likely to suffer from Hip flexor strains or they tend to use the muscles so much in the activities they are involved in daily;

1. Runners, marathoners, triathletes

2. Bicycle riders.

3. People who love dancing for long.

4. People who love practicing karate, kickboxing, wrestling, and other forms of martial arts.

5. Players who take part in soccer matches.

6. American football players.

7. People who are involved in aerobics such as step aerobics.

What is the available treatment for hip flexor strains?

  • Rest: Anyone who experiences this condition should take lots of time resting as a way of getting the muscles to heal. Deviate for a while from the normal routine to give time to your hip flexor muscles to heal.
  • Use some of the readily available home remedies: Use the following tricks while at home to ensure that the strain is healed fast without having to use any medication. Place an ice-covered cloth pack on the hip flexor muscles for a maximum of 15 minutes, after 3 days change from the use of ice packs to moist heat placements such as heat patches, heating pads that are moist, or use a warm moist bathing cloth, taking a hot shower is also a sure way to get rid of the soreness, pass by your local pharmacy and pick those pain relievers such as ibuprofen.
  • Do soft exercises: that in a way will help you to minimize the strain on your flexor muscles.

If the pain persists after all the above, it is time you went for that examination and have that surgery done on the muscles to rectify the condition. More resources here.

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