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Tips to Overcome Quarantine Blues

The Corona virus quarantine is Starting to Crack a lot of people. At least this is what Jimmy Fallon crooned when he began eating potato chips with soda (ala bowl of cereal) for breakfast.

Just like Fallon, millions of people all over the world are starting to feel the effects of being cramped indoors for too long. Quarantine blues or cabin fever is heightened by a prolonged disconnection from people and the outside world.

Symptoms of cabin fever include –

  • agitation
  • irritability
  • feeling hopeless
  • inability to concentrate
  • unmotivated
  • lethargy
  • distrust in people
  • sleeplessness or difficulty getting out of bed

Most people can weather these feelings easily but if you feel that the symptoms are lingering, then it’s time to learn to overcome quarantine blues and these negative feelings.

Establish a Routine

Since you are in isolation, practicing social distancing, and may not have a regular job to attend to, it is this lack of routine that disrupted your daily activities. It is time to recreate a sense of structure by establishing a daily routine once more. This can be as simple as planning your meals at home, doing house projects as a family, or scheduling a workout time.

Achieving these small goals can help you feel successful, helping you get back on track in no time.

Maintain An Online Social Life

With social distancing required of everyone, you surely cannot meet up with your friends to go to the movies, run a marathon, or hold parties at home. Make use of video streaming services such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime to get in touch with friends and loved ones. Even these simple chats are a means to contact people other than the ones that are quarantined with you.

Overcoming quarantine blues means you have to be ready to connect still with other people by sharing your emotions, thoughts, and even your challenges.

Find Joy in Creativity

This is now the perfect time to take account of your talents and skills. If you’re good at painting, then it wouldn’t hurt to hold online teaching sessions with some of your friends. Do you play the guitar well? Then you can sing while you strum the instrument and record yourself or share it on Facebook Live.

Have you been meaning to organize your family photos? Then what could be a more perfect time than this?

The goal is to keep your mind occupied so that feelings of anxiety and boredom are kept at bay.

Start a Garden

There is no need to obtain a huge plot of land just to start gardening. Apart from giving you the needed physical activity and endorphins to keep you happy, gardening also allows you to grow some food for your family.

Plot gardening and apartment homesteading are both good for your heart, muscles, immune system, plus your stress is greatly reduced because of these activities.


If it has been your longtime dream to run a marathon then you might as well tick it off your bucket list. And while you are at it, why not run for a charity cause so you achieve wellness while helping other people.

Running a marathon at home even allows you to meet new virtual friends as you join a runners’ community or club during these social distancing times. This kind of social support is the hang-in-there sort of support that raises you as you also motivate other people. And you can never diminish the value of physical exercise in improving your physical and mental fitness. Apart from experiencing something new (marathon can bring about a rollercoaster of emotions), you also improve your overall health. Now isn’t this worth your time and energy?

Sofia Lee
Running enthusiast, blogger, mom, fitness advocate. Loves to share health tips!

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