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Virtual Race Tips to Improve Your Marathon Race

Virtual races are getting popular due to the pandemic lock-down. But what exactly is a “Virtual Race” and how it differs with the traditional race or marathon? Here are some virtual tips and tricks on how you can leverage to improve your marathon race.

Few things to note is that you don’t have to worry about parking tickets and all. No crowds. There isn’t any tension during the race before it begins, pre-race chitchat with different runners.

There’s not even an official starting line.

That’s the form of flexibility offered by virtual races, a new trend within the running community. Runners who join a virtual race register on-line and easily select their very own starting line, whether or not it is a treadmill or a neighborhood street. They run the race distance, upload their ending time and a few days later are mailed a medal.

It could seem strange to traditional runners, however race organizers say the virtual race is a great possibility for many who want convenience.

How Virtual Race Began

Some Years ago, before national championship meets, high-school runners mailed in their  running times to a national postal competition, and then a champion is being chosen and eventually announced. 

This was the early model of virtual racing. 

To this day, it is still unclear for when the virtual racing had made been initiated and took a leap for the mass audience online. Some race administrators say it advanced from runners’ requests to take part in bodily races from afar. Regardless, in recent years virtual racing has exploded in popularity, mostly due to its flexibility.

The Benefits

“There are several people who would love to join in physical traditional races but are not capable in joining for some reason,” says Mark Petrillo, founding father of Virtual Strides, a small business that organizes virtual races and donates a big percentage of the proceeds to charitable causes. 

With the virtual racing, you do not have to worry about dealing with heavy traffic or securing your parking, stucked due to bad weather, conflicts on your schedule and commitments or even dealing with injuries that might have caused you to miss a race.”

It’s also an easy solution to follow race day nutrition and hydration, says Alex Anastasiadis, proprietor of Running on the Wall, an internet store that sells all things running.

With virtual race you can also take advantage of it as a training ground to try and experiment with some marathon training plans and techniques to identify and find out if this works for you on your nutrition, hydration before and during and after the race, vitamins and supplements, your resting pace and waking time before your run, marathon gears that are effective and along with some important considerations that can affect your race.

How It Works

Most virtual races work the same: participants select a distance, enroll and pay the registration charge. Some races permit runners to finish the distance at any time, however all of them permit runners to earn their medal anywhere.

“The more creative the bling, the better,” says Dwight Jackson, who owns Will Run for Bling, a digital race firm.

After the virtual race, runners publish their occasions on-line and are then mailed a finisher’s medal. Some organizers even provide race packets and electronic bibs to their runners as nicely.

For most, virtual race is not a substitute for an actual traditional race, but an addition to for training on to get better on the conventional race. Both races should be a part of each training plans and training methods so as to become a better runner eventually.”

Many traditional road races are actually including virtual races instead possibility. For instance, Colorado’s Prairie Dog Half Marathon permits runners to take part nearly. The Prague Marathon and the Falmouth Road Race in Massachusetts additionally provide virtual races along with the “live” race.

Fees are sometimes decrease for the virtual race different, which means runners can earn their miles and lower your expenses. Such is the case with the Walt Disney World Radio Running Team’s Tomorowland Virtual Race, which provides runners a substitute for making the costly journey to Disney World and Disneyland for his or her sequence of half marathons and marathons.

The Cons

As the recognition of virtual racing has grown comes the varying opinions or other runner’s on this new trend. Many runners say that virtual races simply cannot deliver the same race day atmosphere, the community or the camaraderie of races.

Though virtual race advocates have a solution for this.

A famous running advocate says: “You are able to keep the running community diverse because of the online environment.” 

This is some sort of the similar way that other running communities and groups share their stories and feedback within social media.

Another Way to Give Back

Like many physical races, virtual races are also committed to donating to charities, and plenty of function at little or no revenue. Races for Awareness, for instance, donates no less than 80 p.c of its internet proceeds to varied charities.

“We have raised over $89,000 since we started in September 2013,” says Joanna Williams, proprietor and founding father of Races for Awareness. There are more than 5000 runners who participated from all parts of the world.”

Since hundreds of runners are attempting out virtual races, an increasing number of charities are benefiting. Virtual Strides raised greater than $82,000 for charity in 2015, and Will Run for Bling gave greater than $50,000 to charities in 2014 and 2015.

I just think that some people likes the concept of joining a virtual racing within their own pace, as they advocate a great cause, and on the side, getting some nice bling on the mail as a remembrance to this accomplishment,” a famous running advocate says.

Virtual Race Tips to Improve Your Marathon Race

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