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Virtual Racing 101 – Get Started on Virtual Running


What is Virtual Racing 101?

In this article, we will introduce you to the things you need to know about virtual racing i.e virtual racing 101’s before you decide to get involved in one.

What do I need to know about virtual racing?

What is Virtual Racing?

Many people wonder what is virtual racing at the slight mention of the name. Virtual racing is new and a kind of a crazy concept when it comes to the racing world and fitness sector that involves people being in their race which they also get to run at their own pace while timing themselves.

Those who complete the races at the best time are still rewarded but not by standing on a podium and having the medals pinned on their chests. Any prize money and any other rewards such as the medals are sent directly to their addresses.

  • Someone can participate in a virtual race only after they pay for registration to take part in that race in that geographical location they choose. The firms that avail virtual racing have multiple platforms through which an interested virtual racer can register through.
  • Once you register, you ought to select that race location which is similar to the one used in the normal traditional races such as the Virgin Money London Marathon. You have a choice to pick your race based on either on themes that thrill you as a virtual racer or on any non-profit partner that excites you.
  • You may ask yourself how a virtual race differs from a traditional race or marathon? Well, the big difference in the two is that, being a virtual runner you have that freedom to run your race in your chosen location, and at your own time! Traditional races require the runners in any race or marathon to be at the starting point at the same time, follow the same race route, through thorough supervision to ensure all details are followed.
  • For a virtual racer, they may at times choose to take part in a marathon race, which is known to be tens of kilometers. The advantage of taking part in a virtual race is that there is an option for you as a virtual racer to divide the marathon stretch into smaller distances. These smaller distances can still be covered at different times or days to cover the whole race distance. If you eventually do make it to the finish point you are still considered as a winner and any prize or medal will be shipped to your address.
  • You can have that virtual race in the comfort of your home! just choose your treadmill to be your race location and set the timer and distance and you will have your virtual race just like it was on a traditional geographical location.
  • When you choose a non-profit race you will have the privilege of taking part in a worthy course to help the community at large. Since most of these virtual races are for non-profit and part of the proceeds realized are send to charity organizations.
  • If meeting new people and making new friends is your thing then a virtual racing will provide you with that perfect atmosphere to network with new friends who are taking part in the virtual race you are in too.
  • Having known all the above on virtual racing still there is that need for you to go through the race’s rules too. This will ensure that you stick to them all as you run your race.

If what you have realized from reading this article on the virtual racing 101 and how to get started excites you to be in a virtual race it is the high time you signed for one to enjoy that fun-filled atmosphere that comes with taking a part in one.

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